Alan Jacobs face pe Run of Play o clasificare nimerită a felurilor în care fotbaliştii dezamăgesc:

  1. He or she—I’ll use just “he” from here on, but these points apply equally to female athletes—gets injured and has difficulty recovering.
  2. He turns out to be older than many people had thought, that is, on the decline at an age when some other players are able to maintain peak performance.
  3. He is not, and never was, as good as some people thought he was. Circumstances earlier in his career had conspired to make him look good: perhaps he was the best player on a bad team, or just had a long run of good luck (this can happen especially to strikers, and more especially to the poacher type of striker, who is highly dependent on chance opportunities), or was highly favored by his managers.
  4. He loses, and has trouble regaining, confidence or mental focus.
  5. He goes to a team whose manager doesn’t know how to make use of his skills, or whose players (for whatever reason) he can’t find a rhythm with. Such a player is just unlucky in much the same way the early-career player mentioned in number 3 is lucky.

De obicei e o combinaţie, dar chiar şi aşa, nu trebuie să cauţi mult ca să găseşti un exponent al fiecărei categorii. Eu mă gândeam să facem lucrurile mai interesante şi să căutăm câte un fotbalist român. Încep eu:

1 – Marius Niculae, 2 – Lobont, 3 – Ionita, 4 – Marica, 5 – Deac.

Anyone think he can do better?

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