Steve Gerrard, he’s big and he’s fucking hard, se canta de obicei pe Anfield. In Ganea totusi si-a gasit nasul est-eurpoean si dement. Citez din autobiografia sa:

I have been on the receiving end of a few painful hacks myself, of course. One of them was Viorel Ganea’s coward’s tackle on me when Liverpool played Wolves at Molineaux on 21 January 2004. I’d just returned from 3 games out and the last thing I needed was some mad Romanian ploughing into me. He did me. Blatant. My sock was ripped from knee to ankle, my leg badly gashed. What angered me the most was that Ganea did not even get booked. Nothing. Fucking scandal. He bloody nearly broke my leg. I suppose it was hard for the ref, because he was following the ball. The ball had gone but Ganea kept coming and he did me good. Everyone knew Ganea had gone in to hurt me.

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