Putem descâlci impreună?

Am găsit această scrisoare in ediția din 24 iulie a emailului zilnic The Fiver trimis abonaților de către The Guardian. Un cititor a produs această perlă.

In textul original am adaugat niste numere și vă invit sa identificăm despre cine e vorba. Ca de obicei vă rog să respectați o regulă simplă. Identificați un singur personaj intr-un comentariu (oricare din cei numerotați). Apoi așteptați până altcineva indentifică un alt personaj si abia apoi identificați un altul (și așa mai departe, alternând). Dacă corectați pe cineva nu identificați un alt personaj. Și da, intenționat unele personaje apar de mai multe ori la numere diferite.

FIVER LETTERS – Today’s winner of our prizeless letter o’the day is … Martin Ingram.
“Just wondering if you could confirm whether the following riddle indicates that we are living in the matrix, and that we’ve now reached the height of transfer season paradoxes? So Chelsea go out and buy the player (1) that was Man Utd’s top transfer target, for less than what Man Utd were offering, largely because Madrid weren’t happy with United because of a previous falling out over a transfer (2), but then Chelsea only did this because United went out and bought Chelsea’s top transfer target (3), for less than what Chelsea were offering, largely because Everton weren’t happy with Chelsea because of a previous falling out over a transfer (4) when the current United manager (5) was at Chelsea, but Chelsea started the whole thing off by selling their future top transfer target (6) to Everton, because the Man Utd manager (7), then at Chelsea, didn’t like the look of him (8), but then since he’s left Chelsea, having previously managed Madrid before Chelsea (where he fell out with Madrid over transfers) and is now at United buying the same player (9) from Everton that he sold from Chelsea, but in return has sold Everton a player (10) from United, that he previously wanted first at Madrid, and then at Chelsea, but didn’t get, which caused United and Chelsea to fall out, over a player (11) that (again) Madrid used to want when in his prime, when he was starting out at United, having joined them from … Everton. Try not to think about it too much, but I think the signs are all there: …(12) is off to Stoke.”