Cred ca excepționalul articolul  din New Yorker, At the French Open, Fearlessness Wins, de Louisa Thomas v-a fost semnalat deja (inclusiv de Alex). O fac și eu aici citând concluzia din final despre Simona:

“She is twenty-five now; this was her second French Open final. “This one hurts a lot maybe, because I am more—I realize more what is happening,” she said afterward. She said that it “hurts a lot, and I need time just to—I don’t know. To go away.” Tearful, she tried to smile. Halep seemed to be playing for more than her first major title—and for more than the No. 1 ranking, which would have been hers had she won. She always seems to be playing for something deeper. When she is on a tennis court, it seems like a place where a person can learn about oneself.”